Predicting crop outcomes from soil biology

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Why soil biology is the next frontier in agriculture

Our soils are home to around a quarter of the Earth's species but only 1% of microbial life in our soils has been identified.

Soil microbes including bacteria, fungi, viruses and archaea, play crucial roles in crop growth — from nutrient cycling, to immune response activation.

At Elaniti we help cereal farmers and their agronomists understand the composition of their microbial community at the intra-field level, along with what they can do to improve it.

The result being enhanced crop outcomes.

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What we do

Elaniti uses recent advances in machine learning and DNA sequencing to make insights on soil biology accessible to farmers and agronomists, empowering precise decision making.

Our proprietary outcome-based predictive analytics, correlates soil biology with vital crop health outcomes.

This enables growers to save time and money, for instance by improving the efficiency with which inputs are used, whilst also supporting environmental and sustainability objectives.

Through our unique crop prediction insights, our goal is to demonstrate the value of soil’s complex biological makeup, enabling a viable, de-risked, and data-driven transition to Net-Zero agriculture.

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Our first proprietary models are built on exclusive data from thousands of hectares of active arable European farmland. We are actively exploring pilots in additional cereal crops in North America and Australia.

If you are interested to learn more or would like to discuss a potential collaboration, please reach out to us at 👋