Our Team

Scott Jarrett

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Scott has significant experience in commercial strategy and business design, having worked as a Management Consultant for 10 years.


During this time he has worked across various industries, including FMCG, Life-Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, and Financial Services. Scott also has experience with start-ups and scale-ups, including providing advisory services on growth strategy and business model design.


He has a passion for sustainable agriculture, stemming from his rural beginnings, and holds a BA from the LSE, and MPA from UCL.

Utkarsh Vaidya

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Utkarsh is a technologist with a specialization in applied machine learning. He has a BS and MS in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. 


After working as a full-stack software developer, and later as a technology consultant for Deloitte, Utkarsh was an early hire at LeanTaaS, a successful applied machine learning healthcare start-up in the Silicon Valley which was acquired by Bain Capital in July 2022. As a Director of Product Management, he led a product responsible for ~50% of the company’s total ACV and ARR.



With deep familial links to agriculture in rural India, Utkarsh is passionate about creating more sustainable farming communities.

Nimisha Singh, PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Nimisha Singh is an interdisciplinary environmental scientist and biogeochemist. She has published work on microbial biodiversity in soil and holds a PhD in Soil Science and Biogeochemistry from the University of Zurich, as well as an Integrated Masters in Water and Coastal Management from the University of Plymouth and an MSc in Environmental Sciences from Jawaharlal Nehru University, India.


She has studied the natural carbon cycle and anthropogenic influence on the carbon cycle through the use of biochar for sequestration management and climate change mitigation. She has used field experiments, isotopic and laboratory analysis (microscopy, spectroscopy, and biochemistry), along with mathematical modelling, to explore changes in microbial community structure.